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Pasadena High School Model A Club Pasadena CA High School is the first school to be a MAFCA Chapter. This video shows how the Santa Anita A's Chapter worked with the school to ignite Model A fever in the students
Posted 01/05/17 [Image]
Model T Assembly Line Interesting historical footage shot on the Model T assembly line, up to the 15,000,000th Ford
Thanks to Jim Pringle for sending this in.
Posted 03/07/16
A Love Affair Featuring Leroy Palmer about his recent trip to Florida in his Model A. Video by Roger Banks
Posted 09/01/15
20 Millionth Ford on Tour Old film showing 20M on tour in Tennessee and Kentucky in June 1931.
Posted 07/19/15
Model T Assembly A recent documentary with video from the Model T days. A fascinating look at the Ford assembly line process. Posted 06/19/15
Harold Lloyd in "Speedy" FIlmed in New York City in 1928, this excerpt from the full movie is a 5 minute series of wild rides through downtown. You will probably recognize one of Harold's fares as they head for Yankee Stadium.
Posted 02/01/15
Big John's Rolling Model A Museum I produce a YouTube channel, "RidesWithChuck". I recently had an opportunity to videotape a Model A Ford owned by John Berg. Enjoy. Chuck Derer, videographer Posted 09/10/14
2014 MAFCA Spring Tour "A" Texas Spring - Tour of the Hill Country. Posted 04/07/14
Model A Videos Jack Bahm of Michigan has produced dozens of Model A related videos on YouTube. Posted 03/22/14
A Model A Thinking Out Loud Jack Bahm's Slant-Window Fordor "talks" to us in a video. Posted 02/25/14
Model T Assembled in under 10 minutes Ok, this isn't a Model A video, but we thought that you'd enjoy watching this team of Canadian Model T club members assemble a chassis and get it running in front of a watching crowd in under 10 minutes.
Posted 08/02/13
Lonesome and the Edison Machine Another video from our friend Stoney Lonesome - Posted 01/27/13
1929 Panel Delivery Created by the son of Steve Freeman Centralia, WA - Posted 01/14/13
1931 Phaeton Created by the son of Steve Freeman Centralia, WA - Posted 01/14/13
The Race that Changed Everything Edsel Ford II talks about his great grandfather Henry Ford's one and only race in October 1901, beating the famed Alexander Winton at Grosse Point Michigan - Posted 12/20/12
2011 MAFCA National Tour Garth Shearing uploaded this video of the Natchez Trace tour to Youtube - Posted 11/29/12
Lonesome Overall It’s Lonesome in an era of handmade craftsmanship, a time when workers took pride in their work and built things to last a lifetime. The Ford Motor Car, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Martin Guitar, and the Denim jean are all products of American hard work and ingenuity. That American spirit lives today, as this Lonesome journey demonstrates - Posted 11/16/12
Introduction of the New Ford VIdeo showing the features of the New Ford in 1927. Note that one of the cars shown in the film has open end front bumpers - a very early car. Thanks to Tom Anderson for this link. -- Posted 09/06/12
Close Call with Train 45 A Model "A", short, old time, silent moving picture. Model A Stalls on Train Tracks - Video by Stoney Lonesome.
The Mechanic A Model "A", short, old time, silent moving picture. A Prohibition era short film with a happy and sober ending. Lets ride! - Video by Stoney Lonesome.

Christmas Video -
A 1931 Pickup Named Daisy
See our first Christmas video card featuring our 1931 Ford Pickup named Daisy. To review the restoration blog, click here. Submitted by Roger Banks 12/15/16
2012 MAFCA Board sings the 12 Days of Model A Christmas Recorded and submitted by Palmetto A's editor and webmaster Happy Begg.
Palmetto A's Palmetto A's of South Carolina produced this video of their members and their cars
Nate and Steve in the Back Yard Steve Lewis photographed some young family members learning to drive the Model A in their back yard.
San Angelo Touring Club Part 1 Shot on various club outings in 2009
San Angelo Touring Club Part 2 Shot on various club outings in 2009
Gilmore Car Museum Future site of MAFFI's permanent Model A collection
Northwest Missouri
Model A Club Car Games
Games from 2009
Model A Cutaway Engine Engine runs on one cylinder! - July 2010
Hubcap Replacement October 2010
Timing Check October 2010


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