Chapter Articles


The MAFCA Chapter Coordinator reads dozens of Chapter newsletters each month. Chapters produce some great newsletters for their members. Many of these newsletters contain equally great articles composed by their members.

Beginning in 2009, the web site began reprinting, with the permission of the Chapter, an outstanding article from one of their newsletters for your enjoyment. Other articles may be submitted by their authors.

Has YOUR chapter's newsletter featured an outstanding article? Contact the Chapter Coordinator for details on how to submit an article for this page.

First Published Source Title Author
September 2023 [Image] Twin Cities Chapter Reviving an Osceola Fordor Scott Huberty
July 2023 Shade Tree A's Chapter About Us Matt Barrett
July 2023 Smokey Mountain Chapter 2023 MAFCA National Tour Bob Helsel
December 2020 Evergreen Chapter Model A's Fight Hunger Bill Persich
May 2014 Woman’s Home Companion, Nov. 1929 Fathers Day Ideas Patti Jones
January 2014 Fall/Winter Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalog, 1931/1932 Young Men's Fashions Patti Jones
December 2013 National Bellas Hess Spring/Summer 1931 Play the Game Patti Jones
November 2013  Style  Sources,  November 1929 1929 Fall Coats Patti Jones
November 2013 Women’s World September 1931 Fall Trends for Women Patti Jones
October 2013 Style Sources, November 1929 Smart New Heels for Fall Patti Jones
September 2013 Vanity Fair, July 1929 Latest Country Club Styles Patti Jones
August 2013 Ladies’ Home Journal, October 1930 Hairstyles Do's and Don'ts Patti Jones
July 2013 Delineator, October 1930 FInger Waving Patti Jones
June 2013 Style Sources, Spring 1930 Cotton Fabrics Patti Jones
May 2013 Woman’s Home Companion, Nov. 1929 Fathers Day Ideas Patti Jones
May 2013 La Mode Francaise, May 1931 Spring Evening Wear Patti Jones
May 2013 The Delineator, February 1930 Spring Ensembles for Girls Patti Jones
April 2013 Various Era Umbrellas Patti Jones
April 2012 Style Sources, Nov. 18, 1929 Millinery Styles for 1929 Patti Jones
April 2012 Vanity Fair, March 1931 Spring Knits Patti Jones
February 2012 Delineator, February 1930 Spring Fashions Patti Jones
February 2012 Delineator, October 1928 Footwear for Winter Patti Jones
February 2012 Style Sources, April 21, 1930 Sheer Hats for Sheer Frock Patti Jones
January 2012 Cownie Tanning Co. 1931 Winter Furs Patti Jones
January 2012 Ladies Home Journal 1931 Winter Wear Patti Jones
September 2009 NW Missouri Know Your Vintage Sherry Winkinhofer
August 2009 Delineator, February 1930 Frocks vs. Evening Dresses Patti Jones
July 2009 Wichita A's Sharp's AA Goes to Work RG
July 2009 Shade Tree A's Engine Overheating Ken Nelson
June 2009 Bakersfield A Woman's View of Working on a Car Candy Martin
May 2009 Enduring A's Guidelines for Tour Leaders Ron Harper &
Sandy Thixton
April 2009 Hangtown A's Keep Your Model A Looking Good Glenn Johnson
March 2009 NW Missouri Model A Club Model A People Sherry Winkinhofer
October 2008 Woman's World, December 1931 Furs - Keeping Warm Patti Jones
April 2008 Delineator, July 1929 Vacationing in your Model A Patti Jones
March 2008 Delineator, October 1928 Winter Footwear Patti Jones
February 2008 Montgomery Ward, Fall Winter 1931 Valentines Gifts Patti Jones
January 2008 Vanity Fair February 1931 Ski Clothes Unknown

Last Updated: 08/30/23