Web Site Advertising


Commercial Ad Information:

The MAFCA Web Site accepts advertisements from businesses that offer parts or services related to the Model A Ford hobby. Each advertiser will have the opportunity to describe their offerings to our web browsers, have a link to their e-mail address and/or US Mail Address, and a link to their web site if one exists.

The current rate is $225 per year, payable in advance. Guidelines for commercial advertisements are outlined below:

Submitting Requests for Advertisements:

Commercial ads may be set up with an e-mail to the Director of Advertising. In cooperation with the webmaster, we will discuss your ad, determine a layout, arrange for any graphics or photos, links to your web site, etc. You will then be asked to submit the ad copy (the wording) via e-mail. When the ad copy and graphics are received, the ad will be created and you will asked for your approval. Once approved, you may contact the MAFCA office to make payment.

Advertising fees may be paid in one of two ways:

Please include a note with your payment saying "Payment for a website commercial advertisement".
MAFCA will notify the webmaster when your payment has been received and your ad will be posted.

Personal Ad Information:

Advertising vehicles or parts for sale or wanted on the web site by MAFCA members is offered at no charge on the page Classified Ads as long as those members are buying and selling as part of the hobby and NOT as a commercial venture.

Select CLASSIFIEDS from the ADVERTISING menu at left.

Parts and Service Supplier Information:

A separate section Parts and Service Suppliers is a free service available to all vendors listing their business name, address, phone numbers and summary of products or services offered. Web page links are not provided unless these advertisers have paid commercial advertisements on our web site.

Select PARTS & SERVICES SUPPLIERS from the REFERENCES menu at left.


Last Updated: 09/12/2013