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Snyder's Antique Auto Parts was founded in the late 1950's as a manufacturer of small carburetor springs for Model T Fords by Don Snyder, Sr. As the small carburetor spring company grew, we began to produce a wide variety miscellaneous springs that were used in the Model T Ford. This eventually led to the manufacturing of seat springs for not only the Model T and A Fords, but also later Fords up into the late 1940's.

We now have the capability to manufacture custom seat springs for almost any make of vehicle. After establishing ourselves in the seat spring market, we began to distribute and manufacture a number of other parts for Model T and A Fords.

From the beginning, Snyder's Antique Auto Parts' main focus has been on providing quality products and the best customer service for hobby enthusiasts. With this focus in mind, Snyder's has become the largest manufacturer and distributor of Model T and A Ford parts and accessories, with U.S. made parts being our specialty.

Snyder's Antique Auto Parts, Inc.
12925 Woodworth Road
New Springfield, OH 44443-9753
Serving the hobby since 1959

Toll Free! Orders/Info: 888-262-5712 • 330-549-5313 • Fax: 888-262-5713

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