Member Stories

Most MAFCA members have a story about how they acquired their Model A, a memorable trip, and so forth.

On this page, our members present their stories for your enjoyment.


From 1964 MAFCA President George Pope:

 picture I married at a "tender age". While working in a Steel Mill, my Boss had a Model A Tudor he used as a work car (1946). He wanted to sell it, no takers. He then rafflled it off for $5 a chance. I took the last chance and won the car. My wife was really upset with me for spending the $5.

I cleaned up the car, drove it for a month and sold it for $250. That got me out of the dog house. Our town sedan was bought in 1959 and the Roadster 2 months later. Still have both cars. It's been a great ride thru the years. We are hoping to make it to Washington this summer for the meet.

Posted 03/01/14


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